Our canelés

Le Canelé d’Or started as a quest for authenticity, driven by the love for traditional French pastry.

True to its first value we have pushed artisanal expertise in canelé to its highest point. Only carefully selected ingredients are being used.

Each canelé is handmade and baked in a copper mold to reach the perfect texture:  caramelized crust along with soft custardy center.

To ensure optimum freshness, canelés are delivered to your home or working place only hours after being baked.


Our canelés come in different sizes : Cocktail, Medium and Grand. Check our box sets here


Our original flavors are  available all year around, check regularly for our limited edition


We believe that the experience is enhanced by a perfect context and we are happy to share with you some of the best pairings:

For your high tea set

Canelés are a perfect match with a cup of coffee or tea.

For a perfect dessert

Canelés go well with vanilla ice cream with fruits.

For your special event

Canelés are a perfect match with wine & champagne and great alternative to macarons.


Do you prefer crunchy or soft canelés? We let you decide! Our canelés are freshly baked everyday using copper molds and delivered crunchy to your home. The best way to enjoy crunchy canelés is to eat them the day you receive them! If you don’t eat your canelés right away remember to keep them in the fridge until serving

You can also enjoy soft canelés if you would like to! They will naturally get that soft texture you like after a day or two in the fridge, or after a few hours at room temperature.


Canelés were first baked around 1519 by the nuns of the “Couvent des Annonciades” of Bordeaux.

At that time, the Medoc winegrowers applied egg white to each wine barrel during the “collage” process, a traditional filtering technique that would remove and settle out particles in suspension. To avoid waste, the Annonciade sisters recovered the unused egg yolks to make cakes.

They added flour and collected some vanilla & sugar from the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux thanks to the trading activity with the Caribbean islands. These became the key ingredients of this unique and delicious pastry.